Feature introduction

Apart from the circle and rectangle provided in the UI designer, there are other shapes and elements we can program with the graphic blocks

  • LCD clear Clear the screen

  • LCD fill Fill the screen with the color selected in the color swatch

  • LCD print x,y Display text on the screen at the selected x/y coordinates

  • Font Set the font of the text with a font from the list

  • LCD pixel Draw a pixel at the selected x/y coordinate

  • line Draw a line from origin point x/y to end point x/y

  • rect Draw a rectangle of a desired width and height

  • triangle Define the coordinates of the 3 points of a triangle and draw it in the color specified

  • circle Draw a circle from the x/y origin and choose the radius and color

  • ellipse Draw an ellipse from the x/y origin, set the radius with 2 parameters and choose the color

  • polygon Draw a polygon at the x/y origin with a set radius and amount of sides


The M5GO screen dimentions are 320X240


Create a triangle and set it's color to blue


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