What is Unit?

Unit is a function expansion module provided by the M5 system. Unit is a hardware foundation provided for more complex functions.


Connect the Unit module

Before programming with the Unit function, you need to connect the Unit to its corresponding port.

Add Unit Block

Click the Units option under the UI Simulator, check the Unit module you want to add, and click OK. Note: Some units have initial parameter settings. For example, Neopixel can set the total number of lights to be driven. You can click the added Unit Module pop-up property box to edit.


Remove Unit Block

Click on the Unit module that has been added and drag it to the trash can above to delete it.


Input and output

All Units modules can be divided into two types, input and output.

Input type

The input type Unit mainly transmits some environmental information in the form of data to M5GO in the form of collecting data. We can achieve control through the operation of these data

Output type

The output type Unit is mainly in the form of a driver, with M5GO as the control core, driving some hardware connected externally, such as the rotation of the steering gear.

Analog and digital

All Units modules can be divided into two types, input and output.

Analog quantity

Analog quantity is a quantity that can be changed continuously, just like a thermometer will have many temperature values during the change process.


Digital quantity

The digital quantity only has two states 0 and 1, just like a switch, only the on and off states


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