UIFlow interface

UIFlow's interface is seperated into 5 main sections


  • Coding area

    Drag code blocks from the blocks list into the coding area and connect them together to create a program

  • Menu Bar

    The menu bar contains most of the important functions of the interface such as(Example,Undo and redo,upload,run code,download code,save code etc...)

  • Blockly</>Python

    All the code we create in blocks can be converted to python by pressing this switch

  • UI Designer

    Drag the UI elements (Title, Lable etc..) down to the M5GO screen to design an avatar or UI interface (note: You must press the run code button to see the changes on the M5's screen)

  • Units

    Units are sensors and actuators that can be plugged into the M5GO, and here is where we configure them

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